Saluto is an Integrated Workplace Wellness service provider with a Holistic Approach to Employee Well-being.

It’s only when organizations place Holistic Well-being of their people at the centre of their thinking, that they can create & sustain an engaged workforce, which is crucial to improve performance.

We are a social enterprise created to transform the lives of people by revolutionizing their approach to wellness.


Saluto's mission is to motivate people to discover a whole new way of life, by opening themselves up to wellness, making their lives enriched and full.

By improving health and well-being of people through a holistic approach to wellness, we will trigger positive lifestyle changes resulting in improved Productivity, Sustainable Engagement and Savings in Healthcare costs, resulting in a higher holistic wellness index for organizations, governments and people at large.

  • Siva Kumar
  • Co-Founder & CEO

Siva is a seasoned Employee Engagement professional, having more than 24 years of experience in the corporate world. An expert in designing and managing employee engagement programs for large corporates, Siva has been a speaker at various industry forums on engagement and motivation.

An out-of-the-box thinker and keen strategist, Siva has handled various functions like business development, new product initiatives and training with large corporates. Siva’s exposure to leadership positions in Employee Benefits, Prepaid, Fintech, Food & Facilities Management and Telecom space gives him the ability to see the big picture. He has been associated with organizations like Sodexo, The Arvind Group and RPG Telecom.

  • Anoop Nambiar
  • Co-founder & COO

Anoop Nambiar is looking to reinvent health and wellness, motivating people to move to a lifestyle that promotes well-being, by leveraging the power of design, technology, communication and networks. Anoop has spent more than 20 years in the corporate arena honing his skills in the area of Strategy, Operations, Service Delivery and Business Development in the Employee Benefits, Information Technology, Fintech and Telecom space.

His expertise lies in understanding client and consumer behavior, designing the needful customer experience and managing customer expectations on a large scale. Having worked across various geographies like South Africa, Australia, Dubai and India, Anoop brings a wealth of experience and a clear performance track record to the table.

Saluto believes in enriching people for maximizing their health and well-being potential.

Through our services and a Holistic Approach to wellness, organizations achieve sustainable engagement with their employees, consumers and channel partners.

Saluto is the only player with a holistic approach to wellness, covering all its eight core dimensions.

By offering services in all the different facets, we will be able to achieve, overall well-being of an individual.

Our Approach:

Our Service Offering – SalutoLife

SalutoLife is modelled incorporating the latest global trends in employee engagement, consumer behaviour and need for sustainable engagement and overall well-being.

Saluto’s Holistic Wellness solution encompasses:

  • State-of-the-art technology platform on Mobile & Web that combines Artificial Intelligence, Gamification & Data Analytics helping employers deliver Smarter, Simple & Effective Wellness programs personalized for each employee.
  • We focus on each individual employee by offering services that map their needs & preferences to our offerings. We do this by connecting multiple resources & partners on a common platform with a unique mechanism.
  • We provide services that directly impact all the eight dimensions of well-being namely Physical, Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual, Occupational, Financial, Intellectual & Social Wellness.

SalutoLife Platform:

The SalutoLife platform has been built using technology enabled solutions that are relevant, futuristic and adaptive.

The key elements of the SalutoLife platform include:

  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Gamification Module
  • AI Module
  • Content Management System
  • Communication Module
  • Analytics Engine
  • Knowledge Management Module
  • Wellness Rewards
  • Tailor made and Plug&Play Options

SalutoLife Wellness Services:

SalutoLife Wellness Services is the result of research, experience and in-depth understanding, that links holistic well-being of individuals to sustainable engagement for all organizations.

SalutoLife Wellness Services is designed as an amalgam of services in each of the eight core dimensions of well-being catering to the different needs of employees and organizations. In addressing the eight facets of wellness, Saluto offers freedom of choice for employers and employees.

With Saluto, you get the benefits of best in class service expertise, best practices in employee engagement, a Glocal approach, Cost efficiency and finally a Comprehensive, Integrated and Innovative Service offering.

  • Holistic Approach
  • Choice & Flexibility
  • Personalized to each individual
  • Latest Technology
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  • Saluto Wellness Private Limited
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